Reglamento de la TWA

Reglamento de la TWA

(Towerrunning World Association)


6.1.8 Penalties may be imposed on an athlete who ...

a commits a false start or leaves the assigned position during a mass start.

b leaves or shortens the track.

c impedes another runner in an unfair way (i. e. blocking with elbows or holding another athlete’s jersey / shirt) regardless of whether he has gained an advantage by the unfair action or not.

d physically attacks another runner, official or referee before, during or after the race. Page 17 / 19

e enters the stairwell without permission of the event organization and / or official registration and intervenes in the race in any manner (i. e. through guidance or support of registered runners).

f accepts instructions, assistance or support of any kind during the race by persons not involved in the competition (except this kind of support is expressly permitted by event rules or by the race organization, all competitors have the same options in this respect, the assistants are clearly marked and do not hinder any registered runners in the stairwell).

g participates without official identification (bib number) or with a false identification.

h disregards the local regulations of the particular event in any other way not listed explicitly, disregards instructions of event organizing staff or an official referee or impairs the event proceedings intentionally.

i opposes to the principles of fair play in any other manner not explicitly listed above.


6.1.9 Immediate expulsion from Towerrunning World Cup may be imposed on anyone who …

a has committed one of the violations referred to in 6.1.8 repeatedly or particularly serious. b has harmed the reputation of the Towerrunning sport, the TWA or its bodies by misconduct in particularly severe degree.


6.1.10 Athletes who raise false objections or illegitimate accusations against another athlete towards the World Cup Organization Board or any local event authority may also be punished with a warning, point deduction or suspension (especially in case of recurrence).


6.2 Anti-Doping code

6.2.1 The Towerrunning World Association combats doping to ensure sporting equality according to the IOC Medical Code and the World Anti-Doping Code established by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).

6.2.2 Anyone who has violated the anti-doping regulations of the Towerrunning World Association, the WADA, the respective national anti-doping agencies, race organizations or host associations will be excluded from Towerrunning World Cup (current and at least one following season).

The same applies to athletes who have been excluded by an other organization from participation in stair races or other sports events for doping violations.





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